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    If you are a parent with a kid going to be in college
    All you parent of future college kids.
    Where do you go to find information?
    Even being computer literate what types of site do you visit to find out about college for your kids college, even if they are just starting high school?

    I really need some help here

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    You could get information about colleges even before the internet existed.

    I think the first thing is to contact or visit the local colleges if the kid will still be living at home (or close by) and get their current catalogs - as well as all the financial aid information you can get from the office they all have set up for that.

    One thing to keep in mind is that it's usually considerably cheaper to take the first two years (and get and A.A. degree) at a local municipal-type junior college, and complete the general education requirements there for transfering to a four year college, if that's the intention.

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    Good local libraries will have some good guides Like Peterson's Guide to Colleges, just ask a friendly librarian or visit,

    Look at for scholarship information.

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    Your teens' class counselor should have All the information you need
    regarding college / universities / tech schools.

    Your best bet would be to make an appointment with him/her and
    discuss your child's high school classes as soon as possible When
    they start high school -- so your child will be taking the most
    appropriate classes. It would also be a Very good idea to find
    out which teachers are the best teachers and make sure your
    child is enrolled in their classes.

    You also should talk to them about Duel enrollment with the local
    community college / tech school. It is Very possible for your child
    to get All the credits they need for an AA While in high school -- And
    in many areas it is 100% Free -- the classes & books.

    If your child's counselor is a deadbeat (as was my daughter's) you can
    check with other parents and find out Which counselor in your high
    school is the best and request They help you.

    Remember -- You pay taxes for this service (if your child goes to public
    school) And tuition if they don't.

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    I don't know if you have this in the States... but up here in Canada we have a magazine called McLean's that comes out with therir annual Canadian University rankings. It breaks it down into tuition costs, services, and even into individual programs. If your kid is thinking of coming north to go to school you should really think about getting a hold of one of these magazines.
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    There a few different books that rate many of the Universities in the US. I believe the Princton Review puts one out.

    This is also a useful resource:

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