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    Edelman shows 180 has NOT changed!
    New article on Ben's site this morning.

    180 installs, without consent, are STILL happening!!!!

    Where's the FTC????

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    Ben - Rather than admit that their software still becomes installed improperly, 180 danced around the issue and tried to use these wrongful installations to obtain a public relations benefit.
    I don't know for how long it's going to last.
    I'm tired to listen to their excuses. It's time for the FTC to do something.

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    Now here's a look inside the Adwhore mindset of all BHO Adware/Spyware operators. They even devise ways to make money from paying out infestation fees to the cybercriminal bundlers and scumbag affiliates. Look at the crapware installed side by side with 180Solutions from this one exploit getting the blessings of the greed driven 180Solutions management.

    ..."180's October press release correctly describes the serious harms that occur when users receive many advertising programs. "A myriad of unwanted software ... can often negatively impact system performance," 180 admitted. But 180 then claimed that S3 would keep 180 out of such bundles. I disagree. According to my records, the installation at issue also installed Ad-w-a-r-e, Adservs, Integrated Search Technologies, Internet Optimizer, Media Tickets,, Quicklinks, Surfsidekick, Tagasaurus, Targetsaver, Toolbar888, Ucmore, Webhancer, Web Nexus, WinFixer, and more. These many programs collectively bombarded my test PC with an incredible 730 registry keys, 1194 registry values, 461 files, and 43 file folders. Worse, the newly-installed programs caused 61 processes to run on my test PC, via 24 different EXEs set to load each time I turned on my computer, and three toolbars added to my web browser. This overwhelming burden made it difficult even to inventory and track the programs' additions and effects. So many co-bundled programs hardly satisfy the "prevent[ing] customers ... from receiving a myriad of unwanted software" promise in 180's press release."

    Way to go Ben by no longer giving a hint to the 180Solutions spin masters. OUT the buggers to the FTC and AG's, while helping educate web surfers, and embarrass the brands paying to exploit/rape & pillage their potential custom base. Wonder how many merchants buy BHO exposure from the non-transparent CPA networks?
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    Nice job Ben.

    Did anyone really think they were gonna change?

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