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    What's your favorite report?
    I know that reporting is always critical to affiliates and so I am wondering is there any particular report (or set of reports) on any particular network that you find to be "your favorite"? Any additional insight as to what you like about it would be great.
    - What are the useful datapoints?
    - What does it allow you to "see" differently?
    - Does it have a great/layout layout?
    - Does it have get exported easily?
    - Does it get emailed to you?

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    I am wondering is there any particular report (or set of reports) on any particular network that you find to be "your favorite"?
    #1. The Commission Detail at CJ
    #2. Performance Reports at CJ.

    >>- What are the useful datapoints?

    (Commission Detail)
    Sales! From who, when, what site (of mine), sales price, and for how much commission (in dollars, not percentages).
    And it'd be nice to know what item(s) sold, as well. Too bad that part is a black box with most CJ merchants.

    (Performance Reports)
    Conversion Ratio. How well are my pages doing?
    Click-Through Ratio. Am I even getting the people to click? A high conversion ratio is nice, but if 90% of the people are NOT clicking, something is still drastically wrong with the picture.

    Trends: How am I doing compared to prior years? CJ's Trend Graph doesn't go back far enough. I'd love it if their report showed the trends since I started there!

    >>- What does it allow you to "see" differently?

    CJ's reports make it easy to find my sales, CR, CTR, which of my sites did the selling, and which merchants were involved. Out of all the interfaces, theirs is the easiest for me to find these key stats on.

    >>- Does it have a great layout?

    The layout used to be much better, about 2 or 3 changes (what they call "upgrades") ago. IMO they should roll it back. It'd be even sweeter if they rolled it back to what they had in about 1999 or 2000!

    >>- Does it have get exported easily?

    I hardly ever export the data. I only do that when I think they may do such a fubarred upgrade attempt, that it may crash utterly...

    >>- Does it get emailed to you?

    My stats? No! (I don't know if data exports can be emailed; I just do a "save as" for those.)

    I've got one indy merchant who emails every time I make a sale. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to give them a special email address, or else I couldn't find the "real" mail during their high season.

    I would not want more merchants emailing things like that. Just make the reports easy to read, and easy to access online, please.

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    My favorite report is one that no merchant or network provides. I've suggested it to several, but nobody has implemented it yet.

    Many people's favorite metric is EPC (Earnings Per Click). The simplest way to calculate that is Earnings / Clicks, but there are more convoluted (but revealing) ways to come up with the same number. My favorite way to break down EPC is Average Order Size * Conversion Ratio * Commission Percent. Any change in EPC will show up in one or more of those other metrics, and each of those metrics give you a much better idea of what changed.

    So, my favorite report would be one that lets you specify a time frame (like the last 12 months) and a length of time (like Monthly, Weekly, or Daily) and see those statistics for those periods. Charts would be a plus. Colors to highlight the highest and lowest fields would also be a plus.

    For instance, a Montly EPC Breakdown Report for 1/1/05 through 2/21/05 might like something like this:

    (Sorry for the underscores... I couldn't get it to line up without them.)
    _Period_ Avg._Ord Conv._Ratio Comm._Pct% EPC*100
    ======== ========= =========== ========== =======
    Jan_2005 ___$50.91 _____30.00% ____14.66% $223.90
    Feb_2005 ___$57.87 _____16.66% ____14.59% $140.66
    Mar_2005 ___$75.07 _____10.16% ____21.22% $161.85
    Apr_2005 ___$53.31 _____27.27% ____14.07% $204.54
    May_2005 ___$31.52 _____31.09% ____48.94% $479.59
    Jun_2005 ___$30.59 _____35.29% ____52.75% $569.45
    Jul_2005 ___$29.70 _____19.11% ____49.55% $281.23
    Aug_2005 ___$27.01 _____21.68% ____55.09% $322.59
    Sep_2005 ___$25.95 _____21.80% ____57.43% $324.89
    Oct_2005 ___$28.78 ______6.48% ____50.59% _$94.35
    Nov_2005 ___$38.79 _____15.00% ____36.48% $212.26
    Dec_2005 ___$79.51 _____22.00% ____28.90% $505.52
    Jan_2006 ___$48.04 _____22.00% ____44.84% $473.90
    Feb_2006 ___$46.21 _____25.00% ____40.30% $465.57
    With just a quick glance at this report, you can see the best and worst periods and what factors impacted the EPC. For instance, October 2005 was due to a drastically lower conversion ratio. June 2005 was phenomenal due to a higher conversion ratio and a good mix of high commission products.

    You could also add the number of clicks (probably as the first column) and the total commissions (probably as the last column) to make it even more useful.

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