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    Best Lawyer Pay Per Lead Program

    Been searching around for a lawyer program to join - but I can't seem to find any pay per lead programs that offer more than 3-4 dollars per lead.

    I'm thinking in terms of leads from people needing the services of a lawyer, rather that selling legal forms etc.

    I'm sure I've seen programs in the past offering up to 20-30 dollars per lead - but now that I'm looking to find one, they seem to have vanished!

    Anyone have a program that they can recommend - one that converts well for them?

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    MaxBounty has a lawyer merchant. Pays $10 per lead. Their affiliate program info page quotes $7, but they just recently boosted the rate to $10 in our system. It doesn't pay the $20-$30 you're looking for, but a lead is only a 5 field sign up, so I think it's a very strong rate.

    Top notch program management on their end too. The fellow managing their affiliate program is on the ball and very receptive to affiliate queries.
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    Thanks - looks like a nice program

    $10 per lead is fair for a tax attorney - especially with a nice, simple sign up form - it's the personal injury lawyers and their like who offer $20-$30.

    Ideally, I could use a merchant that could accept leads for all different types of lawyers - so if anyone has any further suggestions ....

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