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Thread: Exact Install Instructions for Cusimano's Dyse Script

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    Exact Install Instructions for Cusimano's Dyse Script
    Hi guys.

    I have downloaded the script and gotten the key.

    I have searched and searched for instructions, and although you have two links that promise "Instructions" on your website, there aren't any step by step instructions. There's nothing that says, for example:

    Create a directory (or ftp the files into your domain's root /public_html/ directory)
    No info on what .pl file does what.

    So I uploaded, at a guess, to cgi-bin/dyse/bettymills/

    I''m unclear what happened then because I did see some betty mills pages... and they seemed to work whatever directory I thought I was in.

    But then I tried to run the script '' and it seems to have fouled things up.

    I have deleted the files and their directories since then, and I'd like to load the lot into the root folder (i.e. into /public_html). But I am still flying blind here.

    Please. Where can I read the info I need to install this properly? I want to know what I should do for a default install, and whether or not I can place your files in my root. i.e. the "" directory.



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    there are instruction that apply to all the dyse scripts.. they are here for betty:

    but what I think you want is the Dyse doc... which are here:

    hope hti helps...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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