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    How do I source HTML as a field in Excel Spreadsheet
    This may be the stupidest newby question ever, but I am using an Excel spreadsheet as my input source and I have a field that is HTML formatted text. It contains <p>, <h3>, and the text itself has quotation marks and other characters that English text normally has in it. When I try to source in this data from the spreadsheet I just get "<p> as the input. (The actual text field in Excel begins with <p> without the leading quote.) How do I source HTML source in a text field in a spreadsheet?


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    Hi Mark, and welcome to ABW !

    No questions are stupid, in-fact your question sounds pretty good to me. My first suggestion is something you may have already tried. Tick the "Text values are in quotes" check-box found on the "Sources" tab in WebMerge. If it has been checked, then un-check it.

    The next thing I would try is to use the "Raw" option in your template tags, where you need the text rendered just like it is in the spreadsheet.

    Take a shot at it, and let us know how (if) it works.


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    (Deleted) Sorry, wrong thread

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