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    PPC linking -- directly to the merchant or through a landing page?
    I'd like to ask those of you who have at least some experience with PPC -- which approach produces better results for you?

    1. Direct PPC linking, when the customer is taken directly to the merchant's page


    2. Landing pages, when you take the customer to your own site and then you (hopefully ) get a click to your merchant (or for example an AdSense ad)

    My bet is that it's generally better to have a landing page of some sort, because with a landing page you can monetize your traffic in more than one way -- even if you promote a single product (software, ebook), you can still present alternative products and/or make money with, let's say, AdSense.

    On the other hand, I can imagine that in some cases a very focused approach (no alternative choices to distract the visitor: either buy or leave) might work.

    Your thoughts?

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    I break PPC into two different categories. Loose and tight. I have PPC campaigns that are tightly focused and do not want to add any potential distractions. By tightly focused, I mean product-specific or some other specific targetting.
    On a loose campaign that might target a general category or brand, I use Adsense and other tools and ads in hopes of getting a bite of something instead of all of nothing.
    As for direct linking, the legitimate PPCSEs will not allow both you and an affiliate to point to your domain on a single page. Third world SEs will, but serious PPC affiliates don't use the lower class of PPCSEs. It is always best to have a web site that promotes your merchant's products. Good presell information and well written sales spin are the most powerful tools a PPC affiliate has, other than a credit card with a good limit

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    To me, it's about adding value by your contribution to the mix. There are cases where developing a very extensive keyword list (where the merchant has chosen to not bother) can add value, or your ppc expertise can add value. But in the majority of cases, having your own site will allow for thousands of ways for you to add value that you couldn't possibly do with direct-to-merchant ppc. Your own site allows for repeat sales, cross-sells and many other enriching elements for YOU that should drive you towards developing your own sites.

    Take Uncle Scooters advice and stay away from PPCSEs outside of the main ones. That means to me, Google, Yahoo and MSN. The rest use dicey distribution methods and if you choose to ignore that, the ROI will punch you in the eye anyhow.

    Also keep in mind that there's a pack of direct-to-merchant wolves already wearing down the direct-to-merchant ppc path and they're experienced and cut throat at times. They also often ignore the merchants rules for TM bids and more and create a bad name for direct ppc - diminishing the value that it can add (which I've explained is limited already by it's nature). So you'll likely not grow your business very far this way cuz this path is pretty tainted with ugliness.

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    I really agree with what Donuts just said.

    All of my campaigns have always used a landing page
    if for no other reason than to brand yourself.

    If people find you helpful they will bookmark your site.

    When doing those campaigns I have suffered from the
    tactics of the "wolves" and keep asking myself, "What
    value are they adding?"

    I would like to think I'm superior to them!

    When I was first starting, I read the same advice Donuts
    is giving you here, and I followed it and have not been


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