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    Bulk Emailer / Data Theif Sentenced to 8 Years
    Thought this was interesting news:

    A bulk e-mailer who looted more than a billion records with personal information from a data warehouse has been sentenced to eight years in prison, federal prosecutors said here for the rest of the article
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    "A jury convicted Levine, a native of Boca Raton, Fla., and former chief executive of a bulk e-mail company called, of 120 counts of unauthorized access to a computer."
    That's always good news to see a crook ending in jail. Next.

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    boca raton, geee...what a shocker.
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    Maybe the Adwhores, who worship his techniques and bought his stolen info, should get up a "Free Levine" from the latrine campaign. ABW should take up a collection to buy him a case of "soap on a rope".
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    And LOL Mike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    boca raton, geee...what a shocker.
    HUH? Im from south Florida, and thats small potatoes. I have houses near me impounded by the DEA

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    "According to court documents, Levine and others broke into an Acxiom server used for file transfers and downloaded an encrypted password file called ftpsam.txt in early 2003. Then they ran a cracking utility on the ftpsam.txt file, prosecutors said, discovered 40 percent of the passwords, and used those accounts to download even more sensitive information."

    (i added the bolding)

    Yikes. Am thinking 8 years is a light sentence for this. To me, knowingly obtainly passwords illegally, then using them to access private data for commercial gain, is just like being a bank robber where each login is another robbery by itself (even if automated).

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