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    This is their reason:

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Upon further consideration, the following term(s):


    should've been declined for the following reason:


    As a result, the term(s) was deleted from your account. We sincerely
    apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you for
    your cooperation in this matter.


    Can you believe that crap?? I mean they are going into EVERYONES account and deleting keywords. So watch out. I think they are cutting their own throats. I am pissed. Google will now be my best friend.

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    I am sorry Jada! That Sucks! OverTure is screwing itself. Yes there are so-called affiliates who submit a page with a banner and one line of text who shouldn't be allowed to submit pages but the rest of us actually create content... Good Content. Content which is still not good enough for OverTure.
    I was on the phone with them last week and told the person that the new standards where a joke since they are not consistantly reviewing pages. Everyone sees things differently. I really liked the old GoTo before it was over-saturated and the new standards where in place.

    FindWhat would be a decent replacement if it didn't take 5 years *sarcasm* to get listings/keywords approved and active.

    Google Rocks!


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    I have used them, but haven't had any returns from them.... nothing like GOTO anyway.

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    They got one of mine already...and worse yet, when I went and looked at the category, I saw that they had left another affiliate's site alone!!!

    I could tell it was an aff. site without even clicking it...because it SAID SO right in the listing due to OverSure's LAST instance of screwing with listings (and slapping "affiliate" after everything)!!!

    They're still looking at my account...


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    Here's a tactic that weorks that you can use to leverage Overture.

    Buy a few shares of stock and threathen to sue them for and the board of directors for
    bankrupting the business and tell the SEC

    then do it...if they don't repsond.

    Man you should have seen how fast we got a settlement from one of the guys who stiffed us when we did that.

    Sent out the letter on the settlement the following Wednesday.

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