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    AE in the UK & other countries link
    "Buy from: (other countries)"

    Are there any plans to get a link working so those of us in the UK can use it? I see that if you switch it to yes the link works and shows your amazinID when hovering but the id disappears when getting to amazon

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    [addendum to above]

    I have been using {} on the details page for people to purchase from but have only just noticed that the ID is not shown in the Amazon URL - It must be recognising it somehow as I have sold books and that is the only method people would have been able to purchase through me - but how do we KNOW it is registering our ID?

    In respect of my first query above - in light of this, is it definitely NOT registering my id at amazon?

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    The ( website does a redirect. See FAQ: "When I click one of my affiliate links, I go to the merchant's website but my ID doesn't show up. Is tracking working?"

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    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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