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    .EU landrush coming!
    I guess ".eu", for europe, is coming in April. I got an email from a domain registrar about it. Domain grabbers have a new land rush coming soon I guess. I tried and got nothing - I guess the .eu extension isn't active yet in the dns system. First i've heard of all this... might be old news - sorry if that's the case.

    --When is the Launch of the ‘.eu’ Domain?
    Right NOW! Even though actual applications cannot be submitted to EURid, the .EU Registry, until December 7, 2005, 0:00 Central Europe time – for the so-called “Sunrise” Period reserved for holders of Prior Rights – or before April 7, 2006 for applications opened to everyone else, it is crucial that you submit your applications now!
    The ’First Come – First Served’ rule applies, and the date of your request alongside the related payment will determine the order in which EuroDNS will submit your application to EURid for handling and validation.

    --General conditions for obtaining ‘.eu’ Domain names
    To obtain a ‘.eu’ Domain name from EURid the applicant (you!) must meet the geographical criteria given by the European Commission and applied by the Registry. The essential point is that only private individuals resident in, or organizations with offices in one of the Member States of the European Union will be able to get ‘.eu’ domain names. This strictly means:
    Physical persons residing in the European Union.
    Organizations having a registered office, or headquarters, or their main place of business within the European Union;

    Applications from individuals or organizations that cannot establish such links with the European Union will not be considered by EURid. This rule applies at all times, during and after the Sunrise Period.

    --What is the annual cost for a ‘.eu’ Domain name?
    EuroDNS will charge its customers € 18 per annum for each ‘.eu’ domain name registered on their behalf through EURid, the .EU Registry.

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    i did a dns lookup of and and it said "application pending" - guess folks are reserving names ahead of time per sunrise note above.

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    I submitted my .eu apps about six months ago. It will definitely be a land rush once it's opened.
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    Some information that is going to be useful before buying one of those.

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