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    link exchange with site with pop-ups
    I was just wandering what the general opinion is in accepting link exchanges with other sites that employ pop-ups.

    I was of the opinion that it was generally not a good idea. But now have been asked to link back to a site with good PR but employs pop-ups.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Pop-ups themselves are not evil. In fact, they can be a very useful tool to give people more information without the necessity of them leaving a page they are on.

    If the page popped up belongs to the site owner whether it is from the original site or one of their other sites and the popped page does not set a cookie without a physical click to a merchant site there is no real ethical problem because it does not steal nor deprive anyone of anything rightfully belonging to someone else.

    Some people find pop-ups annoying. However, they always have the choice to leave those sites and not come back if they are annoyed.

    However, I think sites that have pop-ups piggybacked on top of more pop-ups are stupid because they will certainly drive people away and not sell anything. People will avoid those sites like the plague.

    I think you need to look at the site and see how the pop-ups are being used, whether they set merchant cookies with no action from the user and what the over all purpose of the pop-ups is.

    I would consider drawing attention to a product related to the page a legitimate use; i.e. on a page with free games, a pop telling, "Here are our games that are for sale" would be legitimate pop-up usage to me.

    I think you need to look at the over all picture. Many fine sites use pop-us.

    In fact, almost all the major mainstream news sources have used them in some manner or other and no one even implied that they were unethical for doing so. (They are currently trying every trick in the book to get around pop-up blockers because they are such an effective sales tool.) Right now, pop-ups aren't as effective as they used to be because so many people employ some kind of pop-up blocker.

    If the page with your links is what is being popped, forget that. It is nonsense. They are gambling that people will not see it because they are using pop-up blockers.
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    I would never link back to the site myself, it is not the site that has the pop up that the people will remember it will be the one that sent me there and I would never visit that site again either. That is just me though.

    Why are you seeing a pop up is more of the question. With all the pop up blockers and shoot the mesanger program thingy you shouldnt see any at all. I havent seen a pop up in over 2 years.
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    yes, that is my initial thoughts as well. Pop-ups aren't bad as long as they're used for good and not evil.

    One of my link partners put the pop-ups on their site and I received a complaint about the site and the pop-up. So I took the link down. But now the site owner wants me to re-instate the link. My gut feeling says that if one visitor complained a lot more have just not said anything.

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    I'd put the link back. (Assuming that the pop in question is just a regular ad popup, not one for porn or something similarly offensive...)

    After w*rking in retail, I saw that a lot of times, even if some people do silently agree with a complainer, it's still a small minority compared to those who either like it the way it is or just don't give a darn one way or the other. Sometimes the store would change something (due to a complaint)--only to then get *lots* of complaints from people who had liked it the way it was!

    It goes back to the adage, "you can't please all of the people."

    And, I think that those who are so anti-ad that they'd actually be put off by you linking to a site with pops (rather than running pops yourself), are the lunatic fringe.
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