Just in case folks have forgotten about Ebay's promises following the rollout of the new affiliate program last fall, I just posted the note below on Ebay's Affiliate Forum. While the program performance has been solid thus far, it could be better, and I think we owe it to ourselves to keep after Ebay to fulfill their promises.

Late last year, shortly after the rollout of the new Ebay affiliate program, we were told that there were issues regarding the following situations:

1) Rapid fire bidding – We have not been able to track all Winning Bids occurring as a result of rapid fire bidding. This issue is a result of de-duplication logic in place which prevents duplicate transactions from being posted.

2) International Listings – Listings originating on international versions of the eBay site are not captured as revenue events for the U.S. Affiliate program.

3) Delayed Revenue Reporting – In less than 5% of transactions, a fraction of revenue is reported after the close of the auction. Our infrastructure is not currently able to correlate this “trailing” revenue with Affiliate actions.

The solution at that time was for Ebay to redefine what it considered revenue such that affiliates would not be compensated for the above events. However, we were told that further development was forthcoming, and that Ebay was working towards fixing the problems that caused the above to not be considered revenue.

It has now been several months since that announcement. There has been absolutely no communication from Ebay regarding this issue.

Could we get an update on these issues please, as well as WHEN will the editor kit show results closer than 2 hours from auction completion? We've had promises on this issue for months and months, yet there is no progress.

Thank you.