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    Hello Loyal ABWers,

    Several of you have joined the AvantLink network already and we're thrilled to have you. I want to remind all quality Affiliates that if your application meets our criteria, and you're accepted at the network level, we're available to support you one-to-one. This means going so far as providing our advanced tool integration(s) free of charge if you need it.

    I am confident in saying that you've never seen tool offerings like this, let alone offerings that come to you free with network membership. Once you integrate these tools, they manage themselves (well the respective AMs for each program manages them, anyway). This opens up time for you to focus on building unique content (and other business drivers) for your site. Plus, you'll never have to worry about out-of-stock or wrong pricing on your pages. As you know this does wonders for conversion.

    If you're curious about the tool center that keeps getting mentioned here that's should be. All tools are free, dynamically updated, and most importantly; there are SEO-friendly versions. These are truly next-generation and I promise you'll be impressed with the subscription-based, web-service offerings.

    What do I mean by SEO-friendly? Our SEO-friendly tools provide dynamic Google-Food ...which will actually help drive traffic to your site that would otherwise not be there. BTW, this happens to be the best converting shopping traffic on the web IMO. Ask me why...

    We also offer JavaScript plug-in versions of our tools as well, for sites that have high-converting traffic already. The JS versions are easier to integrate, but obviously don't offer crawlable content.

    Several high-profile, high-converting merchant programs are going to be live shortly so get in here! Remember, our network was developed by and for (Super) Affiliates, so apply now and let us prove that claim!

    Gary M

    PS, Here are two examples (in both, the SEO-friendly tool versions have been integrated and forgotten about. After 3-5 weeks they started to rank in SEs, driving very targeted traffic):

    1. Dynamic Datafeed Manager in action for Hemp Sisters - Click Here
    2. Dynamic Product Showcase in action for My Wedding Favors - Click Here
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