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    Need Help with ShareASale Tracking Code!
    I wanted to paste the tracking code so that whenver someone finish signing up and Hit the Submit button, the referral/affiliate will be creditted.

    What code and where do I put the code?
    Can anyone help me?

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    Hello GlobalGoldMail,

    There's a lot of variables involved in answering your question correctly .. probably explains why your not receiving much in regards to responses.

    Without knowing the product model, or the full intent of tracking credit need .. I'll make a blind stab at assisting you. This may, or may not help you at all.

    So here goes ......

    1. If your selling a product(s) that are led to a "thank you landing page(s) with order total always = $this price value" that are specific to the order of product(s) ..... you can just embed the tracking code from SAS with the designated price of the product(s) total order value assigned in the hidden image code snippet into the thank you page(s).

    2. If this tracking code snippet is used within a shopping cart and your selling multi products and the order can = $multi combo of pricing values ..... then you would need to tie this into the shopping cart. The cart would then dynamically print the order total value into the "thank you landing page(s)" hidden tracking image code snippet provided by SAS.

    I hope this helps a little.
    Ray Thomas
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    I'm not selling anything, I'm paying them per FREE members they brought me.

    Whenever someone finish filling up the form and click the Submit button, they will be brought to a welcome page, I put the code there but didn't know what to put for the TRACKING field. I wanted to call the email address used during registration from the previous page but I don't know how.

    BTW, they asked me for those two files and I sent them.
    What takes them so long? Should have had LIVE SUPPORT.

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