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    Wires and Cables
    Ok here is a new one, I just went through my bags of extra cables : usb, rca jacks, cat5 cable, phone lines, etc

    What do you guys and gals use to keep this stuff organzined. I have over 200 sets of junk here that I may need someday lol

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    Big plastic bag.

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    Preferably black

    "200 sets of junk"...seriously, eBay it...

    You'd spend more in time-investment, looking for anything you "needed" out of such a pile, than it'd ever cost to just get another IF the time ever comes that you happen to actually want one of those 200 things.
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    garbage can out side. since typically what I buy comes with the cables I need.

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    My hubby has these nice velcro wire 'ties' that are great to use for wrapping up cords...but when they are already a tangled mess its prolly not worth it. I had a box filled wih cables like that, that eventually got tossed. Outdated 16 pin? stuff...I think...

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