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    Affiliates - Would a fine iron design art website make a good affiliate program?
    I am looking to maybe launch an affiliate program for a fine iron design art website, but not sure if it will do well.Wanted to see if I can get some input. Any woould be appreciated.


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    very probabably
    Market, Reads like a good niche with little competition out there... but I may be wrong. If I am right than yes, Go for it...

    With AvantLink, anyway, if people are searching for the product online than it's worth it.. our integration is painless and inexpensive.. of course someone has to be dedicated at least a few hours a week to build the program into a worthwhile channel.

    use the Keyword Selector Tool from Overture to determine if people are searching for your products.. that's a good start for your research..


    paying for the marketing *Only* after the sale is completed is a nice way to go about your marketing..

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    Thanks alot!
    Thanks alot! I will check that our. I will see what I get. Is there anyone else that might have some thoughts on this?

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    Wow! that was very helpful!
    Wow! that was very helpful! The thing is, is that only counting overture or is it counting all the search engine? It would be nice if google had such a thing. Then I would think it would be more accurate.

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