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    We are about to launch our new targeted ad network and are thinking of setting up a separate program for people interested in selling ads.

    The ads are a CPM based combination of a text ad with a banner and they will reside on our targeted category specific pages.


    The ad rate will be $6 CPM from which we will pay $1 CPM in commission. The minimum
    order will be for $600. (100k impressions for $600). We expect re-orders to be $6,000 for 1 million impressions. Because the limited competition factor will make it worth just as much to keep your competition from getting a slot as having one your self.

    The minimum sales reps will make would be $100 per ad slot. There are 8 slots on a page.

    There are 12 category specific pages to start out.

    There is a serious opportunity here if you have access to major merchants - if you sell
    1 million impressions each to 8 merchants at the rate of $6CPM - you will make $8,000.

    We expect to generate from our 10,000 affiliates and from over 100 affiliated ezine publishers with well over 5 million opt-in names approximately 300,000 to 1 million plus impressions per month per targeted category page.

    Plus the new program will have it's own 2 tier affiliate program paying a 2 cent per click with a 1 cent per click referral feature. We expect to have well over 100,000 affiliates for this program by next year.

    You get paid the day after the advertiser's check clears. It's all cash with order.

    Question? Anyone interested. If so let me know.

    Note: We are not interested in hearing about if it will work or not...we are going to do it. But FYI here's why it will work.

    In October the keyword COMPUTER was searched
    1,772,761 times on Overture. As of this morning, the number 1 slot was paying $.70 and the number 8 slot was paying $.27. Slots 9 to 40 were $.26 down to $.11 per click thru.

    If slots 1 to 8 each receive a 1% click thru rate that means they are each getting 17,727 click thrus. At $.70 the #1 slot is paying
    $12,410. The number 8 slot is paying $4786.

    If they get 2%, the #1 slot is paying over $24,000 and the #8 is paying $9,500.

    Our cost for the same volume of impressions would be $10,636. However, instead of 40 competing listings there would only be 8.

    Our tests have shown that the average click thru rate for each of our listings was 4.56%.

    None of our traffic was incentivized.

    Which means that under our program each merchant would have received approximately 80,837 click thrus compared to the approximately 17,000 to 34,000 click thrus from page views at Overture.

    At Overture rates the top listing would have been out $56,000 and the #8 out $21,600 based on the same impressions and our average click thru rate.

    Since there are 40 listings on a page at Overture, being listed 6,7,8 on our pages would in effect concentrate the click thrus
    that listings 9 to 40 get on Overture to the lower 3 listings on our pages.

    Our program, provides comparable exposure, at least a 150% increase in the click thru rate for a lower net cost.

    And since our listings are not the coded descriptions located in the webpage meta tags, advertisers can create a sales oriented description. Plus they get a banner link included.

    We don't need 2000 merchants to make it work, just 8 per category.

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    >Ad Sales - Need Your Input

    *smells a bit nutty

    >In October the keyword COMPUTER was searched
    1,772,761 times on Overture.

    *phrases containing the keyword COMPUTER where searched 1,772,761 times on Overture. *so they reckon

    >1 million impressions each to 8 merchants at the rate of $6CPM - you will make $8,000.

    *whoo hoooo, we can all give up doing our sell, sell, sell thingy for lex now, not

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    Do whatever you wish AP...we certainly don't need your negativity as part of our set up.

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    now, now baby

    you asked for input, if you really meant "i've been setting everyone up for the hard sell for days now and i only want positive comments" then you should have just said so <IMG src=>

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    Like Austin said, Fred--you SAID you needed our "INPUT"!

    Looks to me like you want us to "input" our money or "input" our efforts!

    Sorry--I'm unconvinced of both the ability to collect from this program (remembering the issues Dave refers to), and the proposition that anyone would give a hoot if their competitor got a space on an unknown site's ad page!

    Also, $6 CPM's got to be the biggest ripoff I've heard in a while...rotsa ruck!

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