Hi all,

Now that we have relaunched the new FractionPrice.com. The FTP datafeed is also available for FREE...(MDFS and GoldenCAN templates are going live within these few days...) There are coupons updated both weekly and monthly.

We would like to encourage you to promote our program and win the bonus challenge for March.

Here's the deal:

The first 5 affiliates who reach 5 orders AND send me an email or PM me here, get yourself a $20 bonus right away!

Don't forget to check our updates here:

1. Support Site: http://www.amwso.com/fractionprice.php
2. FractionPrice Program Page on your CJ account
3. Check your CJ inbox constantly (specially for the Weekend coupon update)

Feel free to contact me anytime: arjaree@fractionprice.com