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    Exclamation 12DailyPro - Beware

    I know you all think that not much happens in Utah but ...

    12DailyPro, an affiliate we just found and terminated from both our programs was recently branded as a scam by the SEC. Thankfully they had not yet completed a sale but were running a very large Ponzi scheme here in Utah. I have notified LS but thought you all should know as well.




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    Great article, we should reference it the next time some newbie asks about autosurf / pay-to-view "advertising" sites...

    "Such so-called autosurf sites, most of them of recent origin, promise to pay investors for viewing a few online advertisements. A ''member'' goes to the site and clicks on an automatic surfer that visits a series of ads, after which the viewer is rewarded with monetary credit."

    The SEC froze her assets and more.

    It was set up as a ponzi scheme but also involved people viewing on and clicking on ads via autosurf... wonder if they were ppc ads... SEC should chat it up with the FTC.

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    Clark, Thanks for the heads up. Nice to see someone else in YouTaugh with their eyes peeled!

    Gary M

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    It's always nice to see these 'scams' get called out. Programs like these just continue to damage the online marketing world.
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    You know, when I see something like this, where some lowlife has made millions from a scam, and I'm busting my gut 14 hours a day for a fraction of that, I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't be targetting the more gullible myself...

    Then I stop and remember that I have morals.

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