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    Reconfirming Newsletter Sign Ups
    Anybody ever do that? I have double opt in already and today was just sending a reconfirm newsletter just to make sure everybody is alive and kicking, can receive it and still want it, since I've had the newsletter for my 2 main sites from the start, about 4 years now. I have it so the confirmations goes to my hotmail and it's nice seeing the hotmail popup with all the reconfirmations.

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    Yep, we do that on our mailings every now & again. We ask them to update their information .. if no response after 3 mailing requests they get axed automatically. If they are not reading our mailings it is possible that we'll get reported as spam (even though it's double optin & verified) when they flush all unwanted mail and select 1 box to "report all mail as spam" ... this ugly feature is standard on many free email type sites.

    It's simply not worth the aggrevation trying to keep showing proof to different hosts that your not sending spam and to get removed from their banned mail filters.
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    Stats (like open rates) should show if if re-confirms are needed.
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    Yes, once a year I clean my newsletter lists by moving the list. That means if you don't move to the new list, then you no longer receive the newsletter. Usually give 3 warning messages then after that you miss out.

    You'll be surprised how many will move across and how much more loyal it makes your readers -- of course, I tie the move with a bonus relevant to the newsletter message.

    In some cases you'll be disappointed, I lost 60% of one list, but I figure if they didn't care enough to move, then I need to improve content and look for better qualified readers. Today it's more important to have clean responsive lists than large lists. *IMHO*

    Aweber makes this easy, but any list management tool that lets you create multiple lists lets you do this with a tweak of a landing page or two.


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    I am new in the afiliate management and Newsletter program is one of the things that I would like to start in our young network. Since this would be the first endeavour on sending a newsletter to our affiliates, I would likely receive a lukewarm reception from our rooster of affiliates and definitely some of them would not be interested in the newsletter.
    After reading this thread, I now have an idea how to go about this project.

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    When I recently changed the content of my site (a personal site) I moved newsletter providers and I re-confirmed. It definitely got people thinking about things again which was good.
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