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    Question General AdWords Question
    Hi, I have a general adwords question on how I market my affiliate products. Is it wrong or just a bad way to do things by putting an affiliate link in an adwords add? Is that just ineffective or does it ever pay off?

    Thank you.

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    With the right targetting, and as long as the conversion rate is high enough to allow for the commission to outweight PPC costs, fortunes can be made. I know, because a close friend of mine is doing just that. Spends $200 a day on adwords, gets $7-800 a day in commission. He is just marketing a handful of products.
    Of course, it depends entirely on what you are marketing, how well it converts, how much you have to shell out for adwords (in my experience, unless you drop on an untapped market that converts brilliantly, all you'll end up doing is breaking even (at best), and lining google's pockets a bit more), and how much testing and tweaking you do.

    Good luck - you'll need it if you explore this route!

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    You'll have to remember also that AdWords only allows 1 advertiser per url (domain), so if someone else is already advertising as an affiliate for the same company then they won't show your ad if your using your affiliate url.

    Most companies don't allow affiliates to use their affiliate url since it could possibly stop the company itself from marketing it's own url.

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    Adwords will allow you send place an ad to YOUR domain. as an example
    Then link to the merchant from your domain.

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