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    Lose links if making new channel?
    I understand we can make new channels if we want to identify where clicks/sales are coming from, and that we then have to re-apply and get approved all over again by merchants.

    That part is OK, but between the time we set up the new channel and while waiting for approval, will the existing links stop working until such time as the new one is approved and we re-do the links?

    Added, getting more irritated by the minute:

    If so, that means the LS links would be dead at least over the weekend - which won't do. The site I want the channel for is pulling sizeable sales/conversions and healthy commissions right now with a couple of CJ and SaS merchants (not that puny 5-6% and tiny return days nonsense), and if the LS links will stop working while waiting, all LS links will come OFF that site PERMANENTLY - including the one that's been converting since the holidays.

    I think everyone finally reaches the point of over the top with putting up with garbage (aka, negligent and/or abusive behavior) repeatedly, and patience has about run its course.

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    Your links will continue to work from the first channel. Once the new channel is approved for the new merchant programs you will want to change your links so you will be able to distinguish which channel the sale is coming from.


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