Hi, I new here but I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this problem.

I've had this problem where the ebay affiliate script on a page of my site will decide it doesn't want to display at all. No links, no pics, as if the script code wasn't even in the source code. of course, when I view the source code, there it is as plain as day. Usually what I've done in the past to fix this is re-upload the offline copy of that page and that seems to fix the problem until the next inexplicable occurance.

But now, for the past few days, not only is the ebay/cj script not working on any of my pages, it's also not working on any of the offline copy pages of the site. As far as I can tell, my affiliate id is in the script code and, when they were displaying, the links would take me to ebay as they were designed.

I've exchanged 3 emails with support 9waiting on a fourth) who seem just as confused as I am so far. So basically I'm looking for any advise from someone whose maybe had this problem before and dealt with it successfully. Thanks for your time and attention.