Thanks to all who create and contribute w/ Webmerge.
I read the tutorials, all I cound find on the parent site, Freds site, Franks site, and still cant find what I am looking for...

I can create detail pages fine using the basic tags shown in the examples of what tags should be on a page.

I cant for the life of me find tutorials that depict more than what are up using the Betty Mills example.

I am fine if I can see a finished page then what tags are used to create that page.

Are there any other examples of completed detail pages, that show different tag configurations then how the html and tags look for the page to get the end result?

I see a page of all kinds of additional tags but no examples of how or where to use them.

For example, I want to have multiple products on a page.
I see mention of it, that it can be done using some tag/s, but no examples.

I use Mals Ecommerce,
Is there I place I see more about creating the buy now urls in feeds?

Any way to autogenerate the urls for the BUYURL in the an Excell feed?

Is there a place I find our more about creating tags for the buy now url?

Can someone direct me to more examples that show the browser view then what tags were used and how to create the page depicted?

The examples work great given you are working with the Betty Mills example feed but I am trying to find how to build feeds that will include as much as possible.

I get very basic product files in Excel and anything I can do to save time in creating feeds and customizing detail pages would be a Huge Help!

It would be a huge help.

Frank J.