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    SAS Question
    I am about to sign up as a SAS merchant and I have a couple of questions.

    I sell just one item, it is a service. Once the customer clicks buy, they are taken to my merchant account payment page. If everything with payment is good, they are taken to a generic receipt page. I think this is where the code for SAS would go. Since I use a generic receipt page, can't someone just go to that URL without putting in payment information and it would trigger a a sale? Or if they refresh the receipt page, it would count multiple sale?

    Should I get some programming done to make the receipt page dynamic so this is not an issue?

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    For the time being, I would just go ahead and use it the way you have it now. IF you start seeing such multiple "sales" on "page refresh" or other similar scenarios, you can always void those sales and figure out a more elaborate way to do it.


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    You'll probably want to talk to Brian or someone in tech support at SAS. I'm sure that's an issue they've run across before and they can probably make some suggestions.

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