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    Freeze Jewelry?? Freeze Diamonds?? Diamonds USA??
    Interesting bit of detective work here.

    I join the freeze jewelry program on linkshare, post all the links and carry on.

    Then I start getting emails from freeze diamonds accusing me of NOT posting links. HOWEVER, the email came from webmaster at freeze

    So I respond with links to the 3 pages their banners, text and content links appear on my site.

    NOW I got an emal from DIAMONDS-USA.COM claiming that the links I sent them do not contain links to diamonds-usa's program, and it was a violation of their NON CLOAKING terms! (Now I can tell you....I am POSITIVE I never had to ever send an am proof of where their links appeared before this.)

    What I have further deduced (after checking the whois) is that they are the same company....scamming linkshare and got a little bit befuddled in trying to keep their scam straight! They had better keep better track of their email accounts!

    Ya think?

    I wonder why linkshare didnt see the domains by proxy thing as a problem for a merchant.
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    At 300% markup jewelry scammers are everywhere
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    tuff news. You have to keep an eye out for things. Its too bad that some of the trust is lost in this industry. I've talked to some website owners that just don't do affiliate programs any more for they were burned too many times in the past. Hopefully the industry will protect and bring back that trust.
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