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    January 18th, 2005
    I think this is really funny.

    Okay, this is the deal. Direct leads has yet to pay me for August. Now I'm sure you can all agree that NET 60 is 'BAD', okay, now we are creepin up on NET 90. Still no payment in site!

    So today I get this email from them:

    Subject: URGENT!

    We need clicks for this account. DialFreeCalls has not converted worth beans in our 'DirectLeads" program. [[this is edited for honesty]] Anyway, since we told them any unspent funds would be lost at months end they decided to give us $2.00 per click that we could deliver in order to exaust their balance.

    Anywho... Here is the long and short of it.

    Send a "SOLO EMAIL" to all your people and we will pay you for unlimited clicks @ .40 cents a pop.

    And the moral of the story is:

    "It's the same old story, same old song and dance"

    Sorry DL. I have no reason to send you a single click, I don't care what you want to pay me for it.

    Learn how to treat your affiliates and you might be around for the long run.

    Who knows?

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    This is even funnier [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I got the same e-mail and I have never had a link to them on any of my sites, I'm not even in their program [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Here is the one I got:

    Hi Tom,
    I'll be short and to the point. One of our advertisers,, needs an unlimited amount of solo html or text email CLICKS today and tomorrow only!!

    The payout to you on this program is $0.40 per click...thats right FORTY CENTS per CLICK!!

    Remember, all email blasts must be sent by tomorrow and any clicks generated from such blasts will only be paid through the end of day tomorrow (November 30, 2001.) Any clicks generated after November 30, 2001 will not be paid from any mailings.

    Clicks must be generated from SOLO email blasts only!!


    I've just added some other advertisers, and now I'm worried about them not paying...Hmmmm

    Tom Pyles

    [ 11-29-2001: Message edited by: TH Media ]

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    The $0.40 per click email (which I got also) seems to be an end of program /fulfillment type thing .... shoot .... Fred could do that that with his incentivized traffic in 10 seconds [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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    I dropped 'em after I got a reply from a very rude affiliate rep. I hate direct leads.

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    I applied for DirectLeads mmmmm.... about 2-3 weeks ago, maybe even more, but never got a reply. Why? :confused:

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    Alex, consider yourself *LUCKY*

    No joke!

    Don't waste your effort, they sure don't convert worth beans and on top of that they don't guarantee affiliate paymant by getting advertisers to pre-pay them for campaigns.

    They exist only because of ignorance in a large % of the webmaster community.

    Don't get sucked in!

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    Why is it that when an adnetwork builds a decent system, gets alot of affiliates, the people running it all go turn in their brains at the local lunny bin.

    And/or they think that just because they have a bunch of advertisers and you don't they are the cat's meow and know it all.

    And when you try to suggest that they do something that WOULD MAKE THEM A PROFIT, they
    give you the 'it's not part of our business model' bullshit.

    Get a Clue - Jason & Lex. There is only ONE business rule on the planet - Make A Profit Or Die. If you are not making a profit whatever you are doing businesswise is irrelevant.

    General Electric is extremely profitable for two reasons - 1. They try to hire the best people they can. 2. They understand that their is NO one way to make a profit. They sell all kinds of stuff and they are contstantly adding to and subtracting from the mix.

    For our purposes that means if you are an ad network or are in anyway connected to internet marketing, you have a CPM program, a CPC program, you have a CPA program and a PPC program. And you mix and match advertisers and publishers.

    CPM is incredibly profitable for some people at the right price. CPC is incredibly profitable for some people at the right price. CPA is incredibly profitable at the right price. PPC is incredibly profitable for some people at the right price.

    And most of all a mix of methods is incredibly profitable for some people.

    ONE size does not fit all. The fact that XYZ business cannot make a profit from any one or a combination of all these methods is a function of two things - they have way too much overhead or they do not know how to sell online or what they are doing.

    Internet marketing is not rocket science, it's just direct mail in a different set of clothes.

    How many companies would pay $1 CPM to have their banner shown on AOL's home page or on
    Yahoo's home page? How many would pay $100CPM? The difference is that no merchant could make a profit at $100 and the hosts make all the all the profit. At $1 CPM almost anyone who has a national or world wide presence would make a profit from such an deal and the hosts would make $100k per month from just 2 banners stuck on their pages. But the hosts wouldn't make a profit because they are so overloaded with overhead as to be perpetually non-profit.

    At some price everything works. Profits are not the sole results of revenue in. Revenue out and skill at getting revenue in play a huge part in the overall equation.

    Jason & Lex are on the wrong road because they can't seem to get it thru their blockheads that 'it's not the job or the skill of the publishers that generates the revenue.' Publishers are just like the the post office - their job is to deliver eyeballs to the merchants offers. It's the merchants job sell the stuff. How the mail get's delivered is what price the merchant has to pay.

    All the merchants want us to deliver the mail for FREE, which is understandable. An ad network is simply like the sorting room at the main post office and the publishers are the mail men delivering to addresses worldwide. Sorting the mail, so to speak is a losing proposition if you don't have mailmen or women to deliver it.

    And there is a price that works for everyone.
    It's discovering the price that works for all that is difficult. Mainly because we all have inflated expectations of profits that are totally out to lunch when compared to reality.

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