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    Question How Long Before a Sale?
    I am using adwords for clickbank, and getting some clicks, but no sales. How long should I wait before I switch to a new ebook? I know all the get rich quick guys said they were spending .10 a click or something lower. Not me. I am spending over .50 on some items. Can't keep that up long.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Here's some info on what a few CB "guru's" advise when testing conversion
    for CB products:

    Some say spend only what (1) sale will earn for you. For instance if the
    sale of the product earns $20 -- then only spend that amount.

    Some say spend 2X what the sale will earn for you.

    Then others say only 100 to 150 clicks.

    Also, to set your cost per click, you should "assume" a 1 sale in 100
    clicks. So if you are going to earn $20/sale and want to Net at least $10,
    then Only set your keyword cost at .10 cents a click or less.

    Unfortunately, there is a ALOT of garbage on Clickbank, so you have to
    be very careful in choosing what to promote. Make sure the Product's
    sale page has no "leaks" -- Usually other products, Other ways to pay
    besides Clickbank, A very Blatant "affiliate" link or a Free Report or
    Newsletter the visitor can sign up to. The Newsletter is Not always
    a bad thing -- If it continues to carry your CB cookie. So if the
    Merchant does have a Newsletter/Free Report, signup for it then click
    on one the links in the received Newsletter/Free Report. Then check
    and see if Your CB ID is in the proper place on the Payment page.

    (Checking for your ID: Click on the Buy Here Button, put in Country &
    Zip & click; Go to the Bottom of that page and you should see

    Hope this helps.

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    They have a lot of ways to get around paying the sale.I have not had a sale with them for months but send lots of clicks.

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