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    Thumbs up Google Click Fraud Case costs them 90 million
    Well the PPCSE landscape just changed with some far reaching impact on the affiliate bad actors.,1895,1935867,00.asp

    Updated: The search engine says it plans to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that it conspired with competitors to inflate advertising rates. No word from Yahoo, another defendant. News of the pending settlement, announced March 8, could spur a spate of similar lawsuits filed by other Internet advertisers, and it may force Google's co-defendants to settle their part in the case. Also, the proposed settlement casts a new spotlight on click fraud and its very costly ramifications for some of the Internet's biggest firms.,1895,1935668,00.asp

    The suit alleges that the firms charged advertisers improperly because marketers, spammers or other black hats artificially inflate the number of times a Web site is visited. Known as click fraud, the problem is so widespread it skews Internet traffic by up to 50 percent, a recent study suggested.

    Who, like me feels, the automated click fraud cheats are also the blackhat affililiates acting as the infestation base for BHO's, zombie network operators and e-mail spammers? Big Brother Google and Yahoo will now have to discover and root out affiliate scumbags like adsense site scrapers, "Get Paid to ???" sites and 3rd world click slave sites.
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    Nothing like a little money to motivate them to do a better job rooting out the cheaters!

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