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    Be Thankful
    It seems that one lesson we can learn from our ABW family's week of Hell, is that we should pay more attention to the world around us and be thankful. We all let life pass us by, not intentionally of course, but it happens. And then something (or many things) happens that makes you stop.

    I suggest we all just stop for a minute and say what we are thankful for, whether you say it here, or to yourself.

    • I am thankful for my husband and son, the two people in my life that love me unconditionally.
    • I am thankful for my creativity, and unique perspective on life.
    • I am thankful that my much loved mother-in-law has so far beaten cancer, after much sacrifice on her part.
    • I am thankful that no matter how much pain I have suffered in my life, I am able to learn from that pain and not repeat it or impose it on my son.
    ~Lisa - Brilliant Mastermind, or Nut? You decide!

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    Having lost one of the best friends in my life last year, my dad, I am simply thankful every day that I wake up and can enjoy the people around me and this wonderful planet we live on.
    Ron Bechdolt | Affiliate Program Management Consultant
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    I am thankful for my kids, my cats, my family and my friends who are always there for me and have come out in force to help me cope with the loss of my companion, lover and friend this week.
    "Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true"

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    India / Thailand
    I am thankful
    - For my family who have always been encouraging
    - For my friends who have stood by side
    - For Chris and Team here who have helped me in my day to day work
    - For All the ABW for all there posts which has helped me Professionally and Personally.

    Thank you all.

    Mondera Affiliate Manager
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    At a rather bleak time in my life I got into the habit of doing a bedtime recap of the day. It was titled, "Why today wasn't so bad." (Yes, it was a little bit tongue-in-cheek and self-mocking.) Every night in bed, after the lights were out and all was quiet I'd go over the events of the day. I always ended the review by thinking to myself, "Well that wasn't so bad." It helped me get some perspective on what was going on in my life.

    Another thing I do to cheer myself up is if someone does something rotten to me I do something nice for someone else. It's my own peculiar version of "pay it forward."

    I have two mantras that come in handy for when things aren't going so well. One is a quote from my favorite poet, Kenneth Patchen, "The stars sing because it's always alright." The other is my version of kicking myself in the butt, "Just do it, get through it!"

    Thanks for starting this thread, Lisa. It's timely and helpful, too.

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    * I am thankful for my loving husband
    * My core group of friends that make everything OK
    * I'm thankful that both my parents and my husband's parents are alive to see us come together and find happiness
    * I'm thankful for the gift of music - I have a degree in voice performance and my husband's is in classical guitar, we share this as our common passion (other than each other of course)

    Although I don't know any of you personally, I am thankful for this community where I come to learn and laugh. I hope that those of you that are going through a rough time have the strength and the courage to keep on keepin' on.


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