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    Feeds question
    I am new to SAS, I have a question.
    Is the first field in the datafeeds (prod nr) UNIQUE across the entire SAS datafeeds?
    If not, I might have a problem.
    I guess its unique, so you don't find the same number in a feed or in another feed from another merchant.
    Thank you very much.

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    I would think each product has it's own id within each merchants feed. There might be duplicates if the same number is used for items which have variations like size or color. I think the same product number can be used by more than 1 merchant because the aff link would have a different merchant id.

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    The ID field is generated by SAS, so for a definitive answer, you would need to contact support there.
    My guess would be that it is a system-wide unique integer.

    I'd like to find out what happens when a merchant uploads a new datafeed though - whether the IDs get regenerated or not. My system assumes the IDs are invariant for a merchant, so if they are regenerated, that'll cause me problems.
    If the IDs do not get refreshed, then I'm wondering exactly how SAS know which data to "update".

    Edit: Actually, I don't think they would be able to refresh all the IDs, since the ID is part of the URL, this would break the links...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWorld
    I'd like to find out what happens when a merchant uploads a new datafeed though - whether the IDs get regenerated or not.
    I can confirm that at least for each merchant, the prod_id is unique. When a feed is updated, the unique keys for all products don't change. I know since my script relies 100% on a unique key and if any field in any any of the columns gets changed, that product is flagged as changed. When a feed is modifed (eith exisitng products modified or new products added or old products deleted, only those modified products are changed. Not the entire feed.

    Hope this helps

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