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    Question Does anyone sell everything?
    Does anyone have a website that "has it all" (or maybe just a bunch)? I know it would be a huge thing.

    What if you just had a few (100 or so?) that would use your landing page to get to the affiliates?

    If someone has an "everything" site, do merchants look down on this when you apply for their program?

    The Internet may be about thousand and millions, but if I had a loyal group from old fashioned word of mouth that regularly bought from me it might be a good thing.

    Thanks for comments.

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    You can sell a variety, just don't plunk it all on one page

    Blogs are a good way of selling a variety also
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    Coupon sites typically have hundreds of merchants, and most merchants love coupon sites.
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    jacked by sylon
    Shopping Centers & Malls have 100's or even 1,000's of merchants.

    All of my sites are malls except for one.

    The more pages your site has - the better your chance of pages being on G and etc.

    My sites have 15,000 to 25,000 pages on them.

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    big sites may result in alot of pages in google but it also results in many pages not ever being seen or making a dime.
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    You can have 100 pages or 100,000 pages, 1 merchant or 1,000 merchants. The important thing is seo each page for the keywords that target the product you want to sell on that page. So to answer your question, you can sell everything, but each page should be targeted to a specific category or item with the proper seo techniques.
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    I just had nightmares thinking about working with that many merchants. Never again will I do it.

    I will save that job for someone that wants to waste time and effort.
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    I don't sell "everything," but I do sell over 200,000 items. Some categories are more represented than others, and there are a few categories I don't bother with at all.

    I look for merchants I know should do well on my mall sites, in the "atmosphere" (aka "look and feel") my sites have.

    Quote Originally Posted by nyfalcon
    I just had nightmares thinking about working with that many merchants. Never again will I do it.

    I will save that job for someone that wants to waste time and effort.
    Three letters:


    One feed, one DB, one script = no real work. Just upload the new feed and all 70 or so merchants and 200,000+ products are updated! So easy that it's not even noticable, effort-wise, that the amount of products had doubled over the last year or so...I only realized it when MySQL said how many records there were!

    For me, it's not how many merchants/products there are that got to be too much. I've got too many *sites!* There's a few logistical difficulties I found with having so many sites (30 or so):

    Can't concentrate on SEOing them all properly...efforts get spread too thin to get anything to rank.

    Also most of 'em are still WebMerged (which leads to updating being w*rk, which leads to not updating them enough [and when *I* say there's not enough updates, you know that means many of them look like the viewer's really been sent to the Wayback Machine!])

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