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    Angry Merchant/Affiliate Relationships. :(
    Had the most unusual experience as an affiliate...had to share.

    I am so used to cj, linkshare and share-a-sale whereby you can communicate with your merchants and develop a relationship...
    I mean that's why we have forums like this and return on affiliate, yeah?

    Anyway, I was dropped by one of the merchants - and I called the merchant directly through their sales department to find out their reason and if there was anything I could do to improve or "make it right" so that they might reconsider.

    I also tried to find an e-mail address to contact them...(performics has no e-mail set up so that we as affiliates can contact our merchants directly).

    Anyway, I got a call from Performics telling me how upset the merchant was that I DARED to call to ask them a question regarding our site being dropped. Would they have felt the same way had I called to tell them how much I loved them??? LOL!

    Anyway, just found it very odd that it's discouraged for affiliates and merchants to have a relationship. I mean, gee, if I'm busting my butt to promote their product, they should have a little more appreciation - even if I'm not their top 25's not like they're paying us to simply promote their product - we're plastering our sites with their links to make really don't get it.

    They have affiliate managers who are buffers for this - and so I got the reprimanding phone call.

    Anyone else go through this too?
    It sure left a bad taste in my mouth - but they have some of the best I guess I gotta take my lumps!

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    As a fellow affiliate, I can definitely understand your frustration with both Performics and the merchant.

    On your end, I can empathize with your inability to reach someone at Performics to deal with your issue. I have never had any problems with this and have always found e-mails to are routed correctly provided that you list ATTN: XXXXXX Program Manager in the subject line.

    On their end, I know there are numerous individuals throughout the organization that act serve as account managers for the merchants. Merchants have outsourced their affiliate programs to Performics, and it would be Performics' responsibility to work out the issue with you.

    I will note that Performics' "how dare you" response would be inappropriate; however, given the high level of professionalism I have encountered in the past with their employees, I would be surprised if that exact language was used.

    I learned my lesson over a year ago when I contacted a merchant directly having CC'ed Performics on the e-mail. I reacted without thinking and could have created a negative opinion of me in both the merchant's and Performics' eyes.

    My advice to you: maintain positive relationships with 3rd parties like Performics. For all you know, that same individual who supposedly said "I dare you" could be giving you a performance-based commission increase.

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    On your end, I can empathize with your inability to reach someone at Performics to deal with your issue. I have never had any problems with this and have always found e-mails to are routed correctly provided that you list ATTN: XXXXXX Program Manager in the subject line.
    Dave, thanks for the very good tip
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    Performics always was just a buffer zone between the real merchants and the affiliates. They also are a buffer zone between the merchants and their shoppers. Basically the participating Performics merchants demand a Wall be in place to seperate themselves from any liability or responsibility for the advertising methods of the unwashed masses of affiliates pushing their products or services.

    No merchant chooses Performics unless they have a VP of Adwhore operations. Who, being an unethical scumbag advertising executive, wants to distance himself from the pissant whining customers, and those driving them to the storefronts. Most are so lazy they add another buffer by hiring an Ad Agency to do all the dirty work. Comparing the Advertising Industries employees to the ambulance chasing attornies, most Americans would consider the Attornies as saints.

    Considering this lay of the landscape, your interruption of anyone in power's double martini lunch was a definite affront to their liberal minded sensitivies. Especially when your own choices and actions led to getting canned by this sleazeball cabal. What did you do? Kidnap some of their repeat customers and demand ransom be paid.
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