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    DirectRevenue Settles Class Action Lawsuit

    No admitted wrong-doing or monetary fines. Agrees to change their practices. They'd have to be caught and proved to be in violation of the agreement....time will tell. Of course they can still pop on other people's web sites.

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    I couldn't see the chicago paper story without signing in... think this is the same one at zdnet...

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    Even Molander reported on this Adwhore getting bi*ched slapped by the courts.

    Hopefully California will add some pain to them and eXact Advertising for being Adwhore Pedophiles... Lawsuit against 180solutions, Direct Revenue and eXact Advertising Posted by Suzi Turner @ 6:41 pm

    Seems the children are still at risk over the thread here pusing the eXact Advertising Buddy Browser. (aka Bargain Buddy stealth install)
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