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    This is a pretty interesting article to read and discuss...
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    This is a pretty interesting article to read and discuss...
    Very interesting information!

    I would interpret the bottom line here to be the fact that larger lists tend to be for "freebie" content, filled with ads and less exclusive or original, so the audience recieving the newsletter isn't as targeted as, for instance, a newsletter with more thought-provoking and changing content each send. The difference between "quality and quantity." Now, the goal would be to have quality going out to a big quantity! :-)

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    BS their are rules and penalities for all email marketers ...large and small.

    E-mail Marketer Slapped for Privacy Violations
    ClickZ News

    By Kevin Newcomb | March 13, 2006

    E-mail marketer Datran Media has agreed to a $1.1 million settlement with the New York Attorney General's office stemming from charges that Datran bought e-mail lists that it knew to be in breach of the originating sites' privacy policies.

    The settlement also includes provisions for Datran to destroy the data in question, and tighten up its policies in dealing with personally identifiable information (PII). Datran will be required under the settlement to appoint a chief privacy officer within 10 days, and independently confirm that all lists it buys going forward are in compliance with the seller's privacy policies.

    "With this case, we hope to set a new standard for Internet marketers and consumer research companies. Personal information secured through a promise of confidentiality must always remain confidential," Eliot Spitzer, New York's attorney general, said in a statement.

    The largest list came from Gratis Internet, which operates several sites, including and The New York AG is still investigating Gratis, along with other list providers. Gratis could not be reached for comment. ... read on

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    I have a simple policy, if they don't sign up on my site with the ip recorded, and than confirm via email, they don't get the newsletter.

    Even with this you would be surprised how many do still complain, most of them from aol of course.

    When they do they get a response email that says;

    Since you subscribed from this ip on this date, and confirmed from your email and ip on this date. We actually thought that you wanted to receive our newsletter. I guess we both where wrong. You have been removed.
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