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    Is your hosting server using Xeon or Pentium ?
    There is new development in server processors recently after Intel and AMD announced dual core technology. You can ask your hosting admin to check if their server is using Xeon or Pentium or even Celeron cause different specs of server will influence the website performance and make website easily down and difficult to access if many visitors open the website at once cause only Xeon could handle well simultaneous users. Xeon is better than Pentium for server and if your Xeon is Dual core/hyperthreading it will states 4 processors compare to single Pentium or Dual core Pentium. We have checked our servers are Xeon with 4 processors and we are surprised to know several hosting still using Pentium for hosting servers. Sometimes even using Celeron. So be careful cheaper hosting usually could be using cheaper specs like Pentium or Celeron. Btw AMD server processors: Opteron is as good as Intel's Xeon may be better than Xeon.


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    This post smells like

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    The Xeon processor was released in 1998.

    If you think it is a new development - you aren't much of a host.

    If you need to hide behind whois protection - you aren't much of a host.

    When the only post in your whole forum is an unanswered support question from 2 month ago - you arn't much of a host...

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    Actually your information is wrong. In some circumstances Pentium and even celeron are more than adequate for web site hosting.

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    Nice try

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    ...and I have some great web hosting boxes running Windows 3.11...great technolgy...just released 386 SX ... if interested email me ... roflmao..maybe i can interest you in some land as well

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    I have a bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale.

    Are you interested ??

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