Naturally not one of my travel tales as I can't actually get in to try and buy a beer....


"Buying a beer in the US can be harder than actually getting into the
country", wails Gabriel Cohen, prefacing the latest of your tales of
bureaucratic hell...

"Last May, me and a couple of buddies flew to Boston to watch the
greatest rock band in the world," continues Gabriel,
"Just before U2 were due on stage, I ran off to get a last round of
1%-strength Bud Light with my passport in hand, anticipating that,
despite being 29, I would be asked for ID.

"Upon reaching the queue, I duly ordered three pints of
beer-flavoured water and handed over my passport as requested.

"That's when the bartender sternly informed me that only US passports
were accepted!

"I asked how a British citizen could get a US passport and why my
form of ID was acceptable to Fatherland Security but not quite good
enough to get me a beer in his crummy bar.

"But the predictable response was a blank look followed by the
time-honoured 'I'm only following orders' line.

"I was saved by a pair of 60-something American rock chicks who
intervened on my behalf and used their IDs to supply me and my mates
with fuel for the show.

"I won't tell you what they wanted in return."