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    Can anyone tell me if it is better to pay a firm to submit your url's or to do it manually Any suggestions who I might use

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    Dude do it manually that would be better.
    Manually in the sense there are a few programs which submits ur url to the top search engines.
    However if u want ranks and recognition u need to pay them so they do that

    Check these out...tell u what i might not remeber these urls again lol


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    Welcome! <IMG src=>

    I have allways self submitted for more "control"


    but I know that

    is a very good paid alternative to save time

    I always think that it depends on the specific webmaster/mistress and how dedicated they are to improving their rankings ... for it is not just a single or a consecutive paid submission(s) (as you will see) to be in the top ten ... it is indeed an art and somewhat of a science .... if you have the time ... read and ask (here) ... if not pay a reliable company like submitnet.


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    Do-it-yourself is best, I think.

    Frankly, start with the big ones: Google, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, DMOZ, Yahoo, Zeal.

    If you want to get hits fast, pay-per-click like Kanoodle, Findwhat or Overture are good ways of taking traffic from zero to something, but at a price.

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    Haiko has the right list and you can add webposition gold to it. Most all of the SE submission services suffer from monthly changes to the SE requirements. Paying them big bucks is a sure fire way to go broke since all their repeat business is non existant. I placed keywords at for 2 clients this weekend and got them #1 at Yahoo within 5 minutes. Best traffic producer is always a recropcal link to a high traffic site and earning a bookmark.

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    Don't hoot and hollor at me but I have used JimTools for years.

    Actually, for free, it is pretty good.

    But, I do a few major directories by hand [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    I used to use the free submit at Hitbox (I don't know if they still have it). It submitted to the major engines and skipped the spam-generating little "directories" that fill out the list of a lot of these mass-submit places. (You know, the ones that say "Submit to 10,000 search engines and directories".)

    The Hitbox submit will submit to everything that doesn't use DMOZ. For DMOZ, it's hand-submission. In fact, DMOZ may ignore attempts at automated submission, although I'm not 100% positive of that. (Hitbox won't submit there, though...)

    Once you get one site into Google and they regularly spider it, it's fairly easy to get others in. Just link 'em up to the one that's in there... If other engines know about your first site, they'll find later ones the same way as Google will--through a link from the already indexed site.

    As for PPC engines, they are a great way to take traffic from nothing to something. And if you bid on 700 keywords (like me), that will add up to a decent "something"! The main thing with PPCs is DON'T OVERBID!!! PPCs are quite efficient. If you bid right, they're an efficient way to make money--if you bid wrong, they're an equally efficient way to LOSE it! (Hint: DON'T base your bids on what your competitors are doing [unless you see a chance to bid CHEAPER]. DO base your bids relative to your commissions and expected CR. There's more, but you asked about Submission Tools and not PPCs, so I will leave further details for later.)

    Good luck!

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