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    Do DataFeeds change everyday?
    Just trying to see how much I would have to update my database.

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    I actually prefer feeds that update daily, but some don't. It really depends on the market you're dealing with. Feeds with information about DVDs, books, electronics, CDs, and Shoes are usually updated daily. On the other hand there are some seasonal feeds that are only updated once a year. Some are updated quarterly. It really depends on the merchant. But the fresher your information is, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyWebAffiliate
    Just trying to see how much I would have to update my database.
    It depends on the merchant, as well as the category. Places like Overstock and any other that have limited supplies of small-lot stuff update a lot (usually daily). But in my experience, those are pretty rare. It's more common to see an update every month or so for the types of things I like to push (general consumer goods/home items, stuff like that...). And, there are a few merchants who never/hardly ever update, even if none of the stuff they've got in it is available any more.

    Thing is, they don't all update at the same time. If you sign up with 50 merchants or so, chances are that at least one of them will have a recently updated feed practically every time you check. So it's best to just set things up so it'll update your DB often, without you having to manually check each one.

    What's important, site-quality-wise, is NOT "how often" the merchant updates their feed--it's whether they do it when they need to.

    Seasonal merchants will usually update just before the high season(s). There's no point in doing it more often, unless something sells out.

    Many of my merchants seem to update on roughly a monthly basis. This seems to work well. They don't think their affs have nothing else to do besides put up their latest stuff, but they don't let the out-of-stocks pile up, either.

    And some merchants sell the same stuff, year in and year out, and don't change their prices either. It's completely fine if those merchants haven't updated their feed since 2002, since nothing's changed! But you'll need to do something different to the pages every so often, or else Google will start to think that section's been abandoned. Stick a new banner on or something.

    Other places have constant stock churn and update daily. Those have been the butt of many acidic remarks from me. IMO there's not much point in putting up pages for things that are going to be gone before the spiders even know they were there! Some places don't even keep their stuff in stock long enough to run PPC ads for it--it's gone before the listings are approved. What good is that!! Maybe if you've got a bunch of traffic already on-tap and trolling your site for deals...otherwise, I say forget 'em...

    On the other hand, there are merchants who have lots of new stock every month...but *still* haven't updated for ages (several months, or in extreme cases, even years). That, of course, is no good.

    How often a merchant updates the feed, just needs to match the frequency that their stock and/or pricing changes.
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