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    This week I stumbled across a relatively new site/blog called postsecrets dot com.

    If you've never heard of it, each Sunday they update the site with new post cards that have been sent in revealing people's deepest, darkest, or even funniest secrets. They are completely anonymous, but the site says that you have to create your own original post card and put a secret on there that you've never told anyone.

    The few sites that I've seen mentioning it are people that think it is really cool and are going to submit something, or people that say they did submit something and it was very cathartic.

    There is even a book being sold with past post cards in it.

    I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about it as to whether or not you think these are all real secrets or if you have heard that it is bogus.

    For some strange reason I am sort of drawn to reading them, or trying to find achieves of them.

    Some are pretty disturbing, so if you are easily bothered, then I wouldn't recommend it.

    The one that keeps ringing in my head where I'm wondering if it is true is a card depicting the twin towers burning before they fell. The top of the card simply states, "Anyone that knew me before 9/11 thinks that I am dead." It would be so strange/tragic if it were true.


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    They're #3. Think it's kind of cool, good idea, on They also have a book out.

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