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    PHP info for Newbie yellow belt
    So PHP has really opened my eyes as to what is possible on the web. I first used it to create a site template, then to make forms, and last week I used a turtorial to build a simple MySQL DB and use PHP to pull queried info and display in on screen (MAJOR milestone for me... took two solid weeks of free time to get it to finally work).

    But now I am stuck. The turtorials stop there and move on to much more complex topics. Does anyone have a good resource for PHP to help bridge this learning gap? IE: What is the best way to design the Database, how do you use a form to insert to a DB, how do this work with datafeeds, etc.? Any good threads on ABW that I am not finding?

    Thanks to Donuts for posting a link to 'hotscripts dot com', that was at least a start.

    Thanks for any help you have to offer!

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    Have you done the Yank Tutorial?

    ps. good job! When should we expect to see your feed driven site?

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    $datafeedsite = 'asap';

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