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    The first time.
    A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night

    and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a

    big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that

    after dinner, she would like to go out and make love

    for the first time.

    Well, the boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex

    before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get

    some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and

    the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour.

    He tells the boy everything there is to know

    about condoms and sex.

    At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many

    condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family

    pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he

    thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time

    and all.

    That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents

    house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm

    so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!"

    The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table

    where the girl's parents are seated. The boy quickly

    offers to say grace and bows his head.

    A minute passes, and the boy is still deep in prayer,

    with his head down.

    10 minutes pass, and still no movement from the boy.

    Finally, after 20 minutes with his head down, the

    girlfriend leans over and whispers to the

    boyfriend, "I had no idea you were this religious."

    The boy turns, and whispers back, "I had no idea your
    father was a pharmacist."
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    That is so funny.
    Have a nice day. :cheerful:
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