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    July 22nd, 2005
    Spyware quiz
    I though this was pretty cool:

    I missed a few, and I thought I knew what I was doing!

    The product itself is pretty amazing, and free too. It warns you in real time what bad things a site will do to your computer before you visit it. For example, how many spam e-mails you'll get if you enter your e-mail address, what spyware a program installs before you install it, etc.

    Really good stuff, even integrates directly into Google/Yahoo results, so you can see what links are bad when you search for "screensavers."


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    January 18th, 2005
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    I took it yesterday. I got 5 of 8 right. Should've been 6, but I guess the one site that I had actually vsited before has changed it's ways since the last time I've been there.

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    Cool quiz!

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