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    Angry Merchant active but not active
    There seems to be a lot of merchants that show they are active, but when you click thru affiliate links it either redirects or page not found, like ASOS Ltd PLC, I have built pages with create a page and none of them work! (links I mean)
    I have found this with other merchants also, so what is it? are they active or inactive!

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    In some cases, it is simply incompetency in handling their data feed. Elimination of categories or changing category names without letting anyone know of the changes. Stale data feeds.


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    Don't get me started on merchants and their hopeless data feeds.
    How about one with around 2000 links, and all the prices on their site are 20-30% higher than those in the feed. Email them about it and get no reply.

    Another pet peeve is those who include a image URL to their own "no image" picture. Come on - I really don't want 100 different styles of "image missing" pictures on my site. If you don't have an image, leave the flippin' field blank!

    Then there's the usual problems of well-intentioned but rubbish categorizations, broken links, product descriptions with no formatting or poorly executed HTML formatting.


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