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    Google Ads Not Identified...
    Just a quick question or two. I don't know all there is to know about Google ads but I saw a site today with ads that looked like google ads unit but it had no identifying indicator that it was served by google but the url showing was something to do with pageads google syndication...long complicated url that I didn't copy, but it went to the advertisers site with no url showing in the ad.
    FYI: The site referred to is the site for the magazine Real Simple. Ad wasn't on home page but an article page.
    Questions being is this a regular google ad, do you have to make special arrangements for such, does anyone know what is up with this? So many things about Google ads that I don't like...this is the most appealling look I have seen if it is a Google ad unit.
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    I see what you mean. It says sponsored links above it instead of google ads and has the 3rd party ad blurb below & right.

    When you look at the page source, you see a reference to somedomain/adsWrapper.js . I don't know but that is probably the way it's done and a search on that domain name doesn't look like a site that plays nice .

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    If you have a great deal of traffic, you can work out that deal w/ Google...
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