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    How often do we need to check back
    GC had provided a very useful tool for those like me who cannot figure out how to use database and it's complications.

    A few months back I started producing pages using GC to provide the merchant datas. The page look very need and with the product items displaying so nicely. I tested them and each item leads to the page of the item at the merchant site.

    The last few days I was working on some new pages on the same subject. I then test the old page and to my surprise, all items that I click on goes to the same page of the merchant site. No individual item page.

    The merchant is Overstock, I have yet to test other merchants. All my Overstock stores created from GC are producing the same result of items leading to the same page of the merchant and not to the individual item page.
    One of the page having this problem:

    Does GC serve any purpose if we show the individual items on our site and all it does is goes to one same page of the merchant?

    Or should the merchant make changes to their database, how does it affects our pages using GC?

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    Hi megatonloh,
    Thank you for the post. we are looking into the problem. I will update you ASAP i have an answer.

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    It appears from my own Overstock GC showcases that the entire "clothing -accessories" product database is corrupted. For months the few OS sales I've booked at Linkshare all show up in just one category ... clothing & accessories. Not one of the sales were actually clothing/apparel related in the slightest. Computers and wheelchairs are not clothing items ...yet the apparel categories corrupted database over powers all others.

    Overstock needs to purge the millions of out of stock items, from the last 5 years, that bugger up the Linkshare product database. This has been promised for years as it takes 20 minutes to even search for a individual "in-stock" item at Linkshare. The LS and OS excuse was they have to report product success item details for affiliates. WTF ... those reports for prior year activities haven't worked for over a year. ASIF is good ... but he's at the mercy of OS and LS ineptness.
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    Any resolution to this issue yet? I'm having the same problem.

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