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    Site Build It?
    Anyone use Site Build It? Is it worth it?

    How much money can your REALLY make with a site like that?


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    There's one thread about it. Do a search on sitesell and there are some others.

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    Thanks Trust, but that thread kind of old. Anyone been using it lately? Has anything changed in the web world that would change it's value?

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    that tread and any others you find will still be relevent... SiteSEll is always on or just ahead ofthe curve with new ways to make your site work...

    SiteSell's best advantage isit takes a newbie through a process that teaches them howto build websites that sell... in a orderly way...

    I believe Sitesell makes it possible for anyone to make money on the net...
    dont be put off by the price tag.. you;ll spend that much and more getting you first site up, running and making money... wouldnt you like to have a helping hand during your time oftaking your first baby steps....

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Joe, sounds like you work Sitesell. Have you made money with it? Do they have a good affiliate program?

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    Thumbs up SBI has worked well for me
    I am a big fan of SiteBuildIt. I've been a SiteSell customer and affiliate since 2002.

    A simple site for my private practice (see below), which I've hardly touched in ages, still brings me a good number of self-pay clients, i.e., they don't use insurance to pay for my services and pay the full fee, every month.

    Another site (also below), which I work on more actively but still not a lot, earns me a steady stream of supplemental income via directory listing fees, affiliate commissions, and Adsense.

    I earn one or two thousand dollars a year from the SiteSell affiliate program, again without a whole lot of effort (although I put a good amount of time into learning in the beginning).

    At one time I added up how much it would cost to purchase all the features of SiteBuildIt "a la carte" and it came to a conservative $1,500 per year. SBI costs $300 and you can get it for even less during special promotions.

    Of course, experienced webmasters and Internet marketers don't need a program like SBI, although some still use it because it saves them time and they can attract clients by being Certified SBI Webmasters.

    The SiteSell community, which "lives" on the SiteSell forum pages, is very friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable. Dr. Evoy is a genuinely very caring man (I know from personal experience), in addition to being a savvy entrepreneur. He genuinely wants to help the average person make a living online and, if desired, from the comfort of their home.

    SiteBuildIt is not the right program for you if you don't want to study and learn about elementary HTML, Internet marketing, effective writing, essential business principles and skills, etc. Building an SBI site correctly, by following the comprehensive and detailed manual, is as much an education and training process as it is web design.

    If you want to get a site up and running fast and you don't mind paying a few thousand dollars for a well-written, search engine optimized, income-generating site then you should hire a professional web designer, an SEO expert, and a conversion/persuasion specialist (or the rare few who are good at all of that!).

    But if you are a self-disciplined, intellectually curious person who wants to do it yourself, I can't think of a more cost-effective and rewarding program than that offered by SiteBuildIt.

    Mark D. Worthen, Psy.D.

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