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    Beginner Affiliate (sort of) needs help with datafeeds

    I have been designing websites for about 7 years and also do asp and database sites as well. I can crank out a quality designed site fairly quickly, so i decided to do a quick zappos site and have found it to be fairly profitable.

    So here's my question. I don't really know where to go from here. I would like to make this a part time job of sorts and really up my income. But right now i am just a CJ member. First, should i look into some other affiilate hubs like CJ and if so what are they?

    Also, since i am good with database integration in seems i would be well suited to use datafeeds to GREATLY speed up the process of building a product catalog....but i can't find much info at all pertaining to how to find them. Where can i download datafeeds at CJ or anywhere else for that matter, and what are some recommended affiliate programs that have good datafeeds?

    Any other advice that you all can give would be great!


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    260, a sponsor here, is making a specialty of providing quality datafeeds and datafeed handling tools. Most of the other major networks also have feeds available but the quality and timeliness varies.

    For CJ, you have to have $10k in sales in a previous month to qualify for free datafeeds. If you don't meet that level, they'll charge you a one time $200 integration fee. Go into Contact Us, then request the feeds by selecting "Data Transfer" as the subject.

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    ShareASale has free dbs, but the quality varies greatly CJ has standardized info needed in each feed and lots of open fields that are not used.

    You can get sample field info per advertiser, by doing a product search

    I've yet to see it, but it sounds like Avantlink understands it better than most

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    The Datafeed People
    Hi John, Drop me a line if you don't mind. I would like to fill you in on our datafeed options and methodologies.. Gary M

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    We have 5 sites with 3 feeds each, full product, on-sale and reviews. We have a number of options from emailed flat files, web services and CJ feeds. Our top affiliates are datafeeders and we would be happy to get you started. Our on-sale feeds have a minimum of 200 products per site featuring the top brands in the outdoor industry. We are a Top 50 Web Site on Internet Retailer, give us a try.

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