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    Hi. This is the first year I have gone through this and was just wondering :rolleyes: about when do the holiday sales drop off and when do "normal" sales resume / pick back up again?

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    Holiday sales seem to slow around the 18th or so ... This is the cut-off for standard ground shipping for Christmas in the US.

    As far as when normal sales pick up ... It all depends on how well your site or sites are prepared ... like do you have anything related to New Years? Birthdays? Baby Items?

    I try to concentrate on not only seasonal things but items that people can use year round to avoid the rut.

    The good news is that sales don't just drop right after X-Mas. It's the Summer you have to get ready for :eek:

    Good Luck'

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    "It's the Summer you have to get ready for~Dave"

    Absolutely!!! Definitely save up $$$ for the summer! It'll turn into a toooommmb. You might as well go out and have fun in the summer, because everyone ELSE will (and be doing that instead of buying)!

    As for the holiday sales, last year it started troughing about the 14th (when some of my merchants stop shipping for Christmas), then a couple days dip, then the Last-Minuters came in and bought until the Express shipping couldn't get things out fast enough.

    The few days before Christmas were dead for sales. But if you have some contest links, you might snag a few cheapo leads...last year people were in a playful mood as they surfed around.

    Dead for a few days after Christmas, leading into New Year's Day. A couple more days for the partiers to sober up...then back to normalcy. Then a pretty much steady rise in sales (depending on effort and products) until...

    June. In June, it's all over. When the schools let out, people stop buying much. That keeps up until September when the kids go back--and the parents stop taking vacations, and are stuck in their offices with no-one around except a computer, a mouse, and our sites.

    That's the basic cycle. Of course, there are certain products that go over really well in the first part of the year (while it's still winter). Then there's a spring spike in a different category.

    Oh yeah. The Olympics. I hate to say that awful word. Awful word? Yes! The Ol*mp*cs get people to watch TV. Anything that gets people to watch TV for prolonged periods is very bad for sales, leads, and even clicks. If this Olympics is like the 2000 Summer events, there'll be a noticable traffic drop during all but the MOST dull events. (I was just starting up then, at Snare. Snare+Summer+Olympics+Just Starting wasn't pretty.)

    But if you type up pages while 99% of the competition is glued to the shows, you can get the jump on 'em for after the last medal has been given out, and things get back to normal!

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    Hmmmmm! I was just gonna ask about when do the Holiday Sales start!!!<IMG src=>

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